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Ozone Catalyst 2013

When it comes to all-round performance the new Ozone Catalyst delivers in every category. Designing a kite as versatile as the Catalyst is no easy task; it has taken the design team over a year of testing equally well in all the sizes and aspect of the sport. The all-new Catalyst is a complete redesign but in the process we have retained the essence of the previous model that made it a favourite across the world.

For freeriders the all-new Catalyst is a kite that continues to please no matter what you choose to be doing on the day. The smooth power delivery and refined handling allows you to relax and enjoy the ride. All you have to do to feel the “spice” of the Catalyst, is send it to enjoy the pop and hang time on offer.

The Catalyst is an amazing Freestyle starting block with its open C shape and square tip design, offering a subtle C feel without being as aggressive as the C4. From your first unhooked moves through to handle passes and kite loops, the Catalyst delivers confidence-inspiring performance allowing you to push your limits.

In the waves the Catalyst is a predictable performer. The refined handling, de-power and float offer time to ride the wave rather than having to continuously fly the kite. It has a higher aspect ratio than the Reo so it is not as dedicated to wave riding but still delivers awesome wave riding performance.

As as entry level kite the new Catalyst is the perfect choice. It is easy to ride and fly and can take you from being new to kiting all the way to advanced riding if you want. The easy flight characteristics, simple re-launch and progressive de-power means you can progress quickly and safely.

If like me you want a kite that can really “do it all” to a high level, then look no further. The Catalyst’s pulley-less, three strut design, open C shape, refined handling and bar pressure offers endless performance and satisfaction to a very wide variety of riders.

Please don’t take my word for it, take a test ride to believe that this is not hype…

Enjoy the ride!


Design and performance features

  • Open-C design with smooth predictable handling
  • Mega de-power range
  • 4-line pulley-less system (no pulleys, no problems)
  • Easy on the bar back line re-launch
  • Comparable feeling throughout the size range
  • One-Pump system for quick and easy setup
  • High volume inflate/deflate valve
  • Multiple trimming options for customized handling and bar pressure
  • Color coded and numbered fool proof line connectors.

Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

Ozone C4 2012 vs Ozone C4 2011

Both the 2011 and the 2012 version of the C4 might feel great, but perhaps more or less the same… what are the changes? We have compared the 2012 C4 with the 2011 version, both in 9m

In 2010 the C4’s entrance on the market was the big surprise.
Ozone proved that there is clearly scope for development in the concept of C-kite’s
Usability, balanced feel and a long range made ​​the C4 from the first release a favorite among many kitesurfers around the world.
Freestylers loved the C4, but also c-kite oriented riders investigated the Zone C4, and the response was overhelming!

For 2011, the Ozone C4 taken care of feedback from 2012 and the low end in the larger sizes increased, allowing more power that was equal to the expectation.
There is also in the 2011 C4’s an addition made ​​to the bridle allowing to switch between a hardcore wake style and more freestyle / freeride setting.

In 2012, Ozone still found some points that they found the C4 could improve.

We have 2012 C4 once scrutinized and flown to good and fair to see how the C4 for 2012 differs from 2011.

deeper profile
While all that was flying the kite seems deeper than its predecessor.
On closer inspection reveals indeed a few inches added to the depth of the kite.

Ozone C4 2012

The C4 is in its third round! Ozone has received feedback for the Ozone C4 2011. Riders claimed that the freestyle performances were overwhelmingly while Ozone decided to keep the new version pretty much similar – except for some small improvements.

The wakestyle and freestyle features is actually further developed and thus distinguishes the 2012 Ozone C4from the 2011 model. Apart from bringing the 2012 C4 a new fresh design.

Each size of the C4 has been individually optimized. The small sizes have become a little slower and the larger sizes have gained more agility, allowing Ozone C4 improved features and a better low end for the large sizes.

The variable bridle geometry is maintained in 2012. It is characterized by two different trim options, and thus two different “feel”. One for grunt and freestyle version and one for freeriding. The system is very simple, there are no attachment points and it takes an average of 20 seconds to adjust the bridle pigtail by pushing it up or down in order to change the feel of the kite.

The C 4 2012 comes with a new “school setting”, which is a little heavier and which gives a more direct bar feel. The kite is held in this setting when unhooking and position the kite a bit deeper in the wind window, enabling more powerful load up and more pop – perfect for new school, and wakestyle. For this setting the pigtail will be tied as long as possible to the middle bridle.

The freeride setting is characterized by a lighter bar feel and greater depower capacity, perfect in the waves or for just cruising. For this setting, the pigtail is positioned as close as possible the attachment point on the leading edge.


  •  New profile for improved low wind ability and larger feature
  • “High volume” drain inlet and outlet valve for quick inflating and deflating
  • Variable geometry bridle: Setting 1: New school, setting 2: Freeride setting (similar to the 2010 C4)
  • Thicker leading edge for a more solid shape retention of the kite
  • Proven quad line system without pulleys for a more direct bar feel and less wear
  • Very large depower perfomances
  • Very nice fine tuning of the individual sizes – resulting in a comparable riding experience for all sizes for all riders
  • Explosive pop and great hang time
  • Smooth power delivery
  • Fast, intuitive handling
  • Easier relaunch with the back lines
  • One pump system for fast kite set-up
  • Various trim options for setting the preferred bar pressure
  • Numbered, fool-proof attachment points
  • Construction details
  • Internal reinforcements for greater durability
  • In our own factory by hand processed high-quality materials
  • Teijin Techno Force sail material
  • Dimension Polyant Dacron Leading Edge and Struts for the double stitched and taped seams
  • Dacron wingtip enforcement for optimal load distribution
  • Increased leading edge and tips in high wear areas
  • Reinforced trailing edge
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic anti-abrasive pads for wear on the leading edge of the kite to avoid when resting on sand
  • Unique two-layer construction with sections on all critical areas of the bladder


Ozone C4 Kite only* Complete*
5m² 895 € 1304 €
7m² 990 € 1399 €
8m² 1025 € 1434 €
9m² 1065 € 1474 €
10m² 1110 € 1519 €
11m² 1150 € 1559 €
12m² 1200 € 1609 €
13m² 1240 € 1649 €
15m² 1320 € 1729 €

* With stable bag, compression rubber repair kit with manual, stickers, key ring and the kite spares with 2012

** Contact bar system, stable Kiterucksack, pump, and the same content as Kite only

Detail Photos of Ozone C4 2012

























Ozone C4 and other kitesurfing kites can be purchased online for very good prices at

Ozone Reo

REO the ultimate wave kite

The REO is designed purely for waves and surf board riders, this is a dedicated wave riders kite.

What is the criteria for a wave kite I hear you say…. Well, we and our riders think it needs to have fast handling, float down the line, good relaunch, megga de power and plenty of power to get you back up to the lineup. The REO is the result of more than a year’s development.

We wanted to create a kite that was versatile in all aspects of wave riding…so if you wanna park & surf or loop it down the line, hooked or unhooked, the REO is designed to deliver in all these circumstances.

REO – The Story

The Reo has been a blast to develop. It has involved all of here us here in the Ozone HQ, Hugh, Torrin, Matt and myself but also our close friends, Pagie, Armie and Dave Edwards.
Together we have chased waves all round the North Island of New Zealand, all in the name of “testing”. It was a labour of love. Love of the ocean, love of being out there and of course a love of the waves.

Between us we have a range of different styles and experience and this has helped define the Reo. Torrin is a force to be reckoned with in the waves, flat out pro rider that has no fear and pushes the limits strapped or unstrapped. Dave Edwards is a strapless monster no matter how big and gnarly the conditions, very impressive to watch. Pagie is a ripping surfer turned kiter and rides accordingly! Armie has been on the wave charge since the beginning, he is a fearless strong rider no matter what is thrown at him. Matt, Hugh and myself are what I would describe as “Having it” but with less experience than the others however we are still pushing ourselves hard.

The Reo is not my baby, it is a piece of all of us and I think that is why we all love it. We have come off the water so many times just buzzing and raving about the kite and our sessions. It has fuelled our passion for wave riding and helped us push our abilities to new levels.

So what is so good… Well, I would describe it as an extension of your body, this kite can be flown so many ways but it delivers outstanding performance no matter what your style. Hooked in it can float down the line effortlessly, it’s quick precise handling means you can put in the right spot and just ride the wave as hard as you can. If you slack line it, it still floats rather than falling out of the sky, it just drifts back and you have time to compensate and get the lines tight again.

If you like to move the kite a lot then it responds just perfectly, fast and direct. Unhooked it leaves you with nothing to do, the drift is perfect so all you got to do is concentrate on the next lip or section you are going to bosh.

I could go on but it’s better you read the reviews otherwise it is going to sound like a sales pitch and I would hate to sound like that. As with all Ozone products we like you to decide for yourself rather than believing us.

Ozone Edge 2011

edgeWith the experiences and developments of the 2010th construction Ozone c bring the Edge to a still higher level. By the fact that the Edge gets by now with only 5 Struts weight was saved and the sail flexibility was raised, this results in a quicker Handling, reduced restate, improved elevator and better achievements on cross and space wind course.

Edge 2011 construction and achievement qualities

  • Weight saving and raised sail flexibility by new 5 Strut construction
  • New large-volume valve, for quicker inflating
  • New lines guidance at the tip ends and inflow end edge
  • New Strutkonstruktion for raised sail stability
  • New Contact Water Controlsystem
  • 4-line system without pulleys (no pulleys, no problems)
  • Unbelievable achievement on cross and space wind course
  • Extreme hang time and lift
  • Gigantic depower
  • Comparable feeling in all dimensions
  • One pumping system of quick and easy build
  • 2 Trim options for handling and bar pressure based on desired preferences
  • In color marked and numbered lines for foolproof going back
  • New internal strengthening for raised durability
  • Double Stitched blind seams
  • Dacron strengthening at the tip ends for the load distribution
  • Reinforced front tube and struts in higher loaded areas
  • Reinforced trailing edge
  • Lightweight and flat profile, aerodynamic protection pads in the front tube
  • Unique Bladder construction with double-walled areas in loaded areas

Ozone Catalyst 2011

ozone catalyst kiteAs its predecessor of the Light XC in 2009 and 2010 Catalyst comes the Catalyst in 2011 remains without Pulley. Result: a clearer Feeling of the kite. As has been in 2010 is the Catalyst in the sizes 4,6,8,10, 12 and 14m available. The Catalyst has a one pump system.

Design features

  • New “high volume” in and discharge opening valve for fast inflating and air discharge
  • Segmented Strut construction
  • Proven 4-line system without pulleys for a more direct bar feeling and less material wear
  • Easy on the bar bake LINE Re-launch
  • New tip line guard and leading edge ends
  • Very large depower capacity
  • Good finetuning – resulting in comparable driving feeling of all sizes of kite rank
  • One pump system for the fast kite set up
  • Different trim options for adjustment of the preferential bar forces
  • Numbered, fool proof points of tying


Construction details

  • Internal reinforcement for even larger durability
  • In own factory by hand processed high-quality materials
  • Teijin Techno Force sail material
  • Dimension Polyant Dacron for the leading edge and struts
  • Doubly sewn and adhesive seams
  • Dacron tip reinforcement for the optimal load distribution
  • Strengthened leading edge and hints within particularly stressed ranges
  • Strengthened dragging edge
  • To avoid lightweighty and aerodynamic anti- scrub pads around abrasion at the leading edge when resting the kite upon the sand
  • Places of the bladder on particularly stressed singular construction have two-layered sections

Ozone C4 2011

Ozone C4Ozones prime objective for the 2011 C4 was to take the existing freestyler shooting star 2010 C4 and refine the easy handling and its lightness. Ozone present in this year the new variable geometry bridle. Simply put: the C4 2011 trim options are different. The settings are very much like the 2010 c4, but the bridle system is powered up to give even more direct action, perfect for freestylers.

The System is very simple, it takes no more than 20 seconds to add or remove lines to set desired modification. The rider moves the attachment point of the medium-sized horizontal line pigtails up or down to get the correct feeling for the kite.

The C4 has characteristics as for a C kite. It’s fast, direct, intuitive and with great unhooked performance. Combine this with huge depower capacity and the possibility of backline relaunch and you have a great allround kite for freestylers, waveriders and cruisers.




  • New profile for improved low wind capacity and larger ground drag.
  • New “High-Volume” and exhaust valve for quick inflating air and twisting
  • New variable geometry: Setting bridle 1: New school, Setting 2: Freerides Setting (comparable to the 2010 C4)
  • Thicker leading edge for greater rigidity of the kites
  • Proven 4-line system without pulleys for a clearer and less material wear and better bar feeling
  • Very large depower capacity
  • Very fine tuning of various sizes – resulting in all sizes of comparable motoring kite range
  • More explosive pop and long hang time
  • Gentle power development
  • Faster and more intuitive handling
  • Easier relaunch by the backlines
  • One pump system for a fast Kite-Set-up
  • Various Trim options terminating the favorite bar pressure
  • Numbered, fool-proof attachment points


Constructions details

  • Internal reinforcements for even greater durability
  • In our own factories processed by hand high quality materials
  • Teijin techno force sail material
  • Dimension Polyant Dacron for the Leading Edge and Struts
  • Twice sewn seams and bonded
  • Dacron tip inforcement for optimal burden
  • Enhanced leading edge and tips in especially stressed areas
  • Enhanced trailing edge
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic anti-abrasion pads to avoid abrasion of the leading edge surface from when the kites stands on sand
  • Unique design with two-layer sections where the bladder is especially stressed

Ozone Catalyst Video

Ozone Kites

Since 2000 Ozone has become one of the world’s largest Kite-manufacturer. The brand has roots in the field of paragliding which has helped Ozone to become one of the most successful manufacturer worldwide. Ozone Kites are manufactured in factories located in Germany and they don’t leave them without a thorough check. High quality and persistent materials with precise work are combined. The news on the market for year 2011 are the following kites:

Ozone c4Ozone C4

The successor to Ozone’s Bestseller is here: the C4 2011 is like its predecessor an open C. The construction and the shape of the kites are actually “classic C Style”: no Pulleys, just tips. However, the C4 is a bridle-supported kite and thus has a very generous wind range and great depower capacity that cannot be compared with conventional C Kites.



Ozone EdgeOzone EDGE

With the experience and developments from the construction of Edge 2010 have Ozone taken the new Edge to a higher Level. The fact that the Edge now with only 5 struts, has lead to weight savings when superfluous materials have been removed at the same time as the foil flexibility has increased, the result is faster handling, reduced resistance, improved elevator and better services to cross and wind window.




Ozone CatalystOzone CATALYST

From its predecessor, the Light XC in 2009 and 2010 Catalyst, comes the 2011 Catalyst which still remains without pulleys. Result is a clearer feeling of  the kites. The Catalyst is designed for drivers, which prefers a simple kite both for free riding as well as for waves.



Ozone ZephyrOzone ZEPHYR

The successor of the great 2010 light wind kite from Ozone. Like its predecessor, one if the main objectives when designing this kite was weight saving, so that the kite really get going easy. This high performance profile caused, in addition to the great lowend also great upwind properties.




Ozone UnoOzone UNO

The latest Baby of Ozone teams: a robust, cheaper and easy to use kite surf training kite.