Ozone C4 2011

Ozone C4Ozones prime objective for the 2011 C4 was to take the existing freestyler shooting star 2010 C4 and refine the easy handling and its lightness. Ozone present in this year the new variable geometry bridle. Simply put: the C4 2011 trim options are different. The settings are very much like the 2010 c4, but the bridle system is powered up to give even more direct action, perfect for freestylers.

The System is very simple, it takes no more than 20 seconds to add or remove lines to set desired modification. The rider moves the attachment point of the medium-sized horizontal line pigtails up or down to get the correct feeling for the kite.

The C4 has characteristics as for a C kite. It’s fast, direct, intuitive and with great unhooked performance. Combine this with huge depower capacity and the possibility of backline relaunch and you have a great allround kite for freestylers, waveriders and cruisers.




  • New profile for improved low wind capacity and larger ground drag.
  • New “High-Volume” and exhaust valve for quick inflating air and twisting
  • New variable geometry: Setting bridle 1: New school, Setting 2: Freerides Setting (comparable to the 2010 C4)
  • Thicker leading edge for greater rigidity of the kites
  • Proven 4-line system without pulleys for a clearer and less material wear and better bar feeling
  • Very large depower capacity
  • Very fine tuning of various sizes – resulting in all sizes of comparable motoring kite range
  • More explosive pop and long hang time
  • Gentle power development
  • Faster and more intuitive handling
  • Easier relaunch by the backlines
  • One pump system for a fast Kite-Set-up
  • Various Trim options terminating the favorite bar pressure
  • Numbered, fool-proof attachment points


Constructions details

  • Internal reinforcements for even greater durability
  • In our own factories processed by hand high quality materials
  • Teijin techno force sail material
  • Dimension Polyant Dacron for the Leading Edge and Struts
  • Twice sewn seams and bonded
  • Dacron tip inforcement for optimal burden
  • Enhanced leading edge and tips in especially stressed areas
  • Enhanced trailing edge
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic anti-abrasion pads to avoid abrasion of the leading edge surface from when the kites stands on sand
  • Unique design with two-layer sections where the bladder is especially stressed

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