Ozone C4 2012

The C4 is in its third round! Ozone has received feedback for the Ozone C4 2011. Riders claimed that the freestyle performances were overwhelmingly while Ozone decided to keep the new version pretty much similar – except for some small improvements.

The wakestyle and freestyle features is actually further developed and thus distinguishes the 2012 Ozone C4from the 2011 model. Apart from bringing the 2012 C4 a new fresh design.

Each size of the C4 has been individually optimized. The small sizes have become a little slower and the larger sizes have gained more agility, allowing Ozone C4 improved features and a better low end for the large sizes.

The variable bridle geometry is maintained in 2012. It is characterized by two different trim options, and thus two different “feel”. One for grunt and freestyle version and one for freeriding. The system is very simple, there are no attachment points and it takes an average of 20 seconds to adjust the bridle pigtail by pushing it up or down in order to change the feel of the kite.

The C 4 2012 comes with a new “school setting”, which is a little heavier and which gives a more direct bar feel. The kite is held in this setting when unhooking and position the kite a bit deeper in the wind window, enabling more powerful load up and more pop – perfect for new school, and wakestyle. For this setting the pigtail will be tied as long as possible to the middle bridle.

The freeride setting is characterized by a lighter bar feel and greater depower capacity, perfect in the waves or for just cruising. For this setting, the pigtail is positioned as close as possible the attachment point on the leading edge.


  •  New profile for improved low wind ability and larger feature
  • “High volume” drain inlet and outlet valve for quick inflating and deflating
  • Variable geometry bridle: Setting 1: New school, setting 2: Freeride setting (similar to the 2010 C4)
  • Thicker leading edge for a more solid shape retention of the kite
  • Proven quad line system without pulleys for a more direct bar feel and less wear
  • Very large depower perfomances
  • Very nice fine tuning of the individual sizes – resulting in a comparable riding experience for all sizes for all riders
  • Explosive pop and great hang time
  • Smooth power delivery
  • Fast, intuitive handling
  • Easier relaunch with the back lines
  • One pump system for fast kite set-up
  • Various trim options for setting the preferred bar pressure
  • Numbered, fool-proof attachment points
  • Construction details
  • Internal reinforcements for greater durability
  • In our own factory by hand processed high-quality materials
  • Teijin Techno Force sail material
  • Dimension Polyant Dacron Leading Edge and Struts for the double stitched and taped seams
  • Dacron wingtip enforcement for optimal load distribution
  • Increased leading edge and tips in high wear areas
  • Reinforced trailing edge
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic anti-abrasive pads for wear on the leading edge of the kite to avoid when resting on sand
  • Unique two-layer construction with sections on all critical areas of the bladder


Ozone C4 Kite only* Complete*
5m² 895 € 1304 €
7m² 990 € 1399 €
8m² 1025 € 1434 €
9m² 1065 € 1474 €
10m² 1110 € 1519 €
11m² 1150 € 1559 €
12m² 1200 € 1609 €
13m² 1240 € 1649 €
15m² 1320 € 1729 €

* With stable bag, compression rubber repair kit with manual, stickers, key ring and the kite spares with 2012

** Contact bar system, stable Kiterucksack, pump, and the same content as Kite only

Detail Photos of Ozone C4 2012

























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