Ozone Reo

REO the ultimate wave kite

The REO is designed purely for waves and surf board riders, this is a dedicated wave riders kite.

What is the criteria for a wave kite I hear you say…. Well, we and our riders think it needs to have fast handling, float down the line, good relaunch, megga de power and plenty of power to get you back up to the lineup. The REO is the result of more than a year’s development.

We wanted to create a kite that was versatile in all aspects of wave riding…so if you wanna park & surf or loop it down the line, hooked or unhooked, the REO is designed to deliver in all these circumstances.

REO – The Story

The Reo has been a blast to develop. It has involved all of here us here in the Ozone HQ, Hugh, Torrin, Matt and myself but also our close friends, Pagie, Armie and Dave Edwards.
Together we have chased waves all round the North Island of New Zealand, all in the name of “testing”. It was a labour of love. Love of the ocean, love of being out there and of course a love of the waves.

Between us we have a range of different styles and experience and this has helped define the Reo. Torrin is a force to be reckoned with in the waves, flat out pro rider that has no fear and pushes the limits strapped or unstrapped. Dave Edwards is a strapless monster no matter how big and gnarly the conditions, very impressive to watch. Pagie is a ripping surfer turned kiter and rides accordingly! Armie has been on the wave charge since the beginning, he is a fearless strong rider no matter what is thrown at him. Matt, Hugh and myself are what I would describe as “Having it” but with less experience than the others however we are still pushing ourselves hard.

The Reo is not my baby, it is a piece of all of us and I think that is why we all love it. We have come off the water so many times just buzzing and raving about the kite and our sessions. It has fuelled our passion for wave riding and helped us push our abilities to new levels.

So what is so good… Well, I would describe it as an extension of your body, this kite can be flown so many ways but it delivers outstanding performance no matter what your style. Hooked in it can float down the line effortlessly, it’s quick precise handling means you can put in the right spot and just ride the wave as hard as you can. If you slack line it, it still floats rather than falling out of the sky, it just drifts back and you have time to compensate and get the lines tight again.

If you like to move the kite a lot then it responds just perfectly, fast and direct. Unhooked it leaves you with nothing to do, the drift is perfect so all you got to do is concentrate on the next lip or section you are going to bosh.

I could go on but it’s better you read the reviews otherwise it is going to sound like a sales pitch and I would hate to sound like that. As with all Ozone products we like you to decide for yourself rather than believing us.

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