Ozone Edge 2011

edgeWith the experiences and developments of the 2010th construction Ozone c bring the Edge to a still higher level. By the fact that the Edge gets by now with only 5 Struts weight was saved and the sail flexibility was raised, this results in a quicker Handling, reduced restate, improved elevator and better achievements on cross and space wind course.

Edge 2011 construction and achievement qualities

  • Weight saving and raised sail flexibility by new 5 Strut construction
  • New large-volume valve, for quicker inflating
  • New lines guidance at the tip ends and inflow end edge
  • New Strutkonstruktion for raised sail stability
  • New Contact Water Controlsystem
  • 4-line system without pulleys (no pulleys, no problems)
  • Unbelievable achievement on cross and space wind course
  • Extreme hang time and lift
  • Gigantic depower
  • Comparable feeling in all dimensions
  • One pumping system of quick and easy build
  • 2 Trim options for handling and bar pressure based on desired preferences
  • In color marked and numbered lines for foolproof going back
  • New internal strengthening for raised durability
  • Double Stitched blind seams
  • Dacron strengthening at the tip ends for the load distribution
  • Reinforced front tube and struts in higher loaded areas
  • Reinforced trailing edge
  • Lightweight and flat profile, aerodynamic protection pads in the front tube
  • Unique Bladder construction with double-walled areas in loaded areas

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