Ozone C4 2012 vs Ozone C4 2011

Both the 2011 and the 2012 version of the C4 might feel great, but perhaps more or less the same… what are the changes? We have compared the 2012 C4 with the 2011 version, both in 9m

In 2010 the C4’s entrance on the market was the big surprise.
Ozone proved that there is clearly scope for development in the concept of C-kite’s
Usability, balanced feel and a long range made ​​the C4 from the first release a favorite among many kitesurfers around the world.
Freestylers loved the C4, but also c-kite oriented riders investigated the Zone C4, and the response was overhelming!

For 2011, the Ozone C4 taken care of feedback from 2012 and the low end in the larger sizes increased, allowing more power that was equal to the expectation.
There is also in the 2011 C4’s an addition made ​​to the bridle allowing to switch between a hardcore wake style and more freestyle / freeride setting.

In 2012, Ozone still found some points that they found the C4 could improve.

We have 2012 C4 once scrutinized and flown to good and fair to see how the C4 for 2012 differs from 2011.

deeper profile
While all that was flying the kite seems deeper than its predecessor.
On closer inspection reveals indeed a few inches added to the depth of the kite.

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